Five Ways LOVE Helps Kids
Move Through Grief

When someone feels grief, they have experienced a loss in their life, and that emptiness is always be there. Love - the very reason for the Grief - is also the solutuion. In this post I offer you five ways that love helps kids cope with grief:


1. A child feels peace and hope as they become aware that the Love they feel for the person or pet who has died will always be a part of them. In other words:

The feeling of Love is changeless,
even though Things have changed


2. Listening to a child without judgment is a great act of LOVE that will support them through the grieving process. A child will learn a great deal about unconditional love as you mirror this to them during this tender time of loosing a loved one. In other words:

There is no "right way" to grieve


3. A child who feels connected to their own inner spirit moves through the grieving process better than a child who is not. Why ?  The inner spirit of a child is the place of self-love. As a child grow in self-love, they gain a sense of power that comes from relying on something changeless within, rather than relying on the
ever-changing outside world. In other words:

Self-Love is the Greatest Love of All


4. The grieving process is an opportunity for a child to dig deep within themself - no matter what age they are - and find the place of self-nurturing. This can be as simple as teaching them to hug themself when they are alone, or asking them to create a special journal about how they are feeling. In other words:

Our True Nature is revealed as Love


5. Stable, Loving relationships are paramount for a child to move through the grieving process. A child needs extra daily reminders that they are loved. More hugs, extra quality time, and planning fun events with them are ways to remind a child that love is all-ways present in their life. In other words :

Love - in all forms - Heals

Grief is never an easy emotion to deal with, especially for children. These five suggestions could help a child accept the loss that caused the grief, and embrace love to mend the saddness.


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