Is There Love After 9/11 ?

Is there Love after 9/11?

When you think about 9/11, can you think about Love ?

As we all arrive on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, a lot of what we experience will be determined by how we have processed our grief about the incident during the last 10 years. This means that we can be feeling anything from fear to anger to depression…or perhaps we have made peace about it in our own hearts. We all process grief in our own way.

Having said that, there is the issue of our children.

WHAT DO WE WANT to share with our children, who may have been very young or not even born yet, to help them gain an understanding of this horrific experience?

The simple message of Mystie the Magical Dragonfly is that the one thing that we can always depend on during the death of a loved one is the power of love inside us. As things change all around us, it IS this Love that is changeless.

But can we also depend on this changeless love when so many people we never knew have died in such a dramatic way?

Mystie would say "YES" !

In fact, it is because we DO love, that we can find ways to heal ourselves and move on. One way is through a ritual.

Here is an example of a simple ritual that celebrates the changeless power of love, which you may want to create with your family.

Cut out pictures from the event and create a poster to be used each year on September 11, or you can make a scrapbook with your family.

You may want to light a candle, or create a special space in your home for this ritual. As these phrases are said aloud, ask your children to draw simple hearts around the pictures you have collected.

"For all the people who died on 9/11, we remember that they were LOVED by their family, friends and co-workers. Their lives were a joy for everyone who knew them and appreciated them."

"For all the people who have lost a loved one during 9/11, we remember that they still love and will always love their special person. This love will be with them forever. We understand that they may be very sad because someone they love is gone, but their happy memories will always be a comfort to them."

"We remember all the heroes of 9/11 - the firemen, the policemen, the EMTs, and countless volunteers who lost their lives trying to save others. Their bravery was a demonstration of how much they loved people and were willing to take risks to help them."

Remind your children that the incident was created by people who chose to not allow Love to be present in their hearts and minds, which led to the terrible disaster.

Then ask them (and yourself): " When you think about 9/11,
do you think about Love ? "

There may be natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes that create loss in our lives; there may be more terrorist attacks. In order for our children to feel powerful throughout their lives, there must be an anchor within themselves, that powerfully stabilizes them through all the changes in their lives.

Love does not deny the experience of terror or tradgedy. It just reminds us that beyond the changing landscape of our daily ups and downs, there is something inherently good within.

More about this topic can be found in the Time Magazine article, How to Talk to Your Kids About 9/11.


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