Supporting Angry Bereaved Children

Anger is an emotion felt by many bereaved children. We have worked with children who were angry at a loved one who died, at a person, who supposedly caused the death, at God, at people who kept them away from a funeral or wake, and at themselves, for not being able to keep the deceased alive.

Not only did we validate each child's emotions, we also taught them how to validate each other.

Validation of children's grief emotions, specifically anger, is a vital part of grief support. As children feel it's okay to feel anger, they open themselves to dealing with it in ways that empower them, instead of creating more problems for themselves.

Kids' Grief Relief refers to emotions as energy-in-motion. Through various activities, students are given opportunities to discover their many emotions of grief, along with the understanding that their emotions can move through them. Students discover ways to express and release their anger in healthy ways. As their emotions are released, what's open for them to embrace is their core nature, which is love. Thus, the experience of grief becomes a strong reminder of the eternality of love for the deceased, for themselves, and for the world.

Remember, Love is changeless. Everything else, including the emotion of anger, is temporary.

In our story For the Love of Mr. Max, the main character, Jake, learns this invaluable lesson about anger.

We use this story in our middle school program, yet it is a powerful stand-alone book for any professional, who is working with angry bereaved children, between the ages of 7 - 16.

Empowering children during their grief experience is the cornerstone of what Kids' Grief Relief is all about !


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