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Children's Grief Awareness Day was created to bring attention to the fact that support can often make all the difference in the life of a grieving child. Many people don’t realize that it takes most children much longer to deal with their grief than we expect and that the amount of inner turmoil, invisible to most, is much more intense than we have any idea of.

But once you are aware of this, what can you do ? Many times the parents are involved in processing their own grief, so they are incapable of assisting their children. A great place to start is with the National Alliance for Grieving Children. Their website has a special section, Find Support, that lists major resource centers by state.

Most people don't know that there are additional resources all around them to support their children - such as school counselors, hospices, churches, hospitals, and local grief centers. And in the situation where the parent is not as affected as the child, such as the loss of a teacher or schoolmate, there are many excellent resources for free or purchase on the web.

Kids' Grief Relief was created to be one such resource. We support bereaved children throughout the world by supplying trained adults with programs to empower children as they move through grief.

Each of our powerful age-specific programs contains approximately 30 activities, a storybook, accessories, and a facilitator’s guide to meet the needs of bereaved children aged 5 to 18.

All of our programs and storybooks lead children through grief using Six Support Steps. Each of the Six Support Steps have has various age-specific activities associated with it. They can be used in any framework, and activities can be chosen to condense or expand any of the Six Support Steps as needed for the child/children you are working with.

We have successfully used each of the following Six Support Steps as one session with children, though there are times when one step can last more than one session, or more than one step can be presented in one session.

Here are the Six Support Steps used in each of our programs :

1. Defining and understanding Grief
as a natural response when a loved one dies.
2. Telling their story
about their experience of the death.
3. Sharing their memories
of their loved one.
4. Identifying specific emotions
in order to discover healthy ways to express them.
5. Releasing “dragged down” thoughts
to create new positive thinking patterns.
6. Honoring and releasing with Celebration.

We will be highlighting each step in detail in future blogs.

Mystie, the mystical dragonfly, is our unique character who helps create a positive experience for children. She shares her wisdom and compassion as she brings continuity to each step of our program. She also shares her personal experiences with grief through the storybooks which are linked to specific activities.

Each program comes with accessories which include a Mystie mobile for children to use as a kinesthetic experience to share how they feel.

Beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, inspiring, and effective, these programs are ideally suited for guidance counselors or for hospices, churches, grief centers, or any setting where trained adults can facilitate a grief support group.

For parents or caregivers who aren't as affected as the child is by the loss, we have storybooks available with experiential exercises that incorporate the same six steps. We also have free downloads which utilize activities taken directly from our programs, and blogs to promote greater children's grief awareness.

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