In the Midst of Change

This week I will be working with children, who, for the first time, celebrating Christmas without a special loved one.


In preparing for the lesson, I thought about each child's situation and decided to add a special Christmas lesson to support them in this life learning situation.

The first thing we will do is create a special ornament to hang on their respective trees. This will be a remembrance ornament. With different craft materials, the children will be invited to decorate a beautiful ribbon in the shape of a bow in honor of their special person, and then write a Christmas message on it.

Creating something tangible to acknowledge their special person this Christmas is a positive activity for children. We will place the bow in a box that will also be decorated honoring the deceased.

When we discuss how this Christmas is different than last Christmas, I will ask them to become aware of something inside them that hasn't changed, and will never change - their Love !

The power to give and receive love is our greatest expression, and that power does not leave us - through all life's ups and downs, and specifically through the loss of our loved ones. It's something to lean into when we are moving through grief.

As an activity to demonstrate the power of changeless Love, I will invite them to draw a picture of themselves. I will ask them to write the statement "I Am Love" on themselves. Then I will ask them to draw a scene from last years Christmas, this years Christmas and next years Christmas. Evidently, the one common idea in all the scenes in themselves. We will discuss the different ways each child chooses to express their Love. We will also discuss the importance of taking some time to be still enough to feel this love! (...another lesson...)

Now it's certainly okay to not want to express Love at any given moment. I have already talked about that in other blogs and discussed ways that children understand this without judging themselves wrong. Yet isn't it the inner spirit qualities of life
( love-peace-harmony) that make this season so special? This is the time of year when we all understand the power to choose and express love. We long for this idea to be present all year long.

And it can be as we become aware of the power to choose love at any time, in any situation.

In my book, For the Love of Emrys, Mystie the Magical Dragonfly reminds Christina of this power to choose Love again as she is grieving over the loss of her beloved dog, Emrys. This is a story based upon my real experience with my dog...and it was Christmas day many years ago that I became aware that the power to love is not dependent on any person, place, pet, situation.

It comes from me.


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