Grief is Grief

I was finishing up a session today with a sweet youth, who had lost her father-figure caretaker, a few months ago. I asked about other losses in her life. She told me about the deaths of two different pet dogs over the past few years.

She was very detailed in her stories. Tears came to her eyes. Since we had been working on processing her grief about her caregiver, she became aware that she was also still grieving over the loss of her pets.


When we discussed how pets become part of our family, and how natural it is to grieve over them, she excitedly told me that she was planning to get a new dog this summer. Good for her! On one level she had moved on with the passing of her dogs, so a new pet will help give her many opportunities to experience and express her loving nature, and move beyond the passing of her caretaker.

For the Love of Emrys is a book I wrote about a young girl who loses her beloved, four legged best friend. Yet, the story's inspirational message is for anyone, who has ever felt grief for friend or family, two legged or four legged.

The story features Mystie, the mystical, magical dragonfly. Her wisdom is ageless and timeless. I shared the story with my student, which led to many powerful discussions. 


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