Children Can Grow from the
Bereavement Experience

Yesterday I had my final session with a 5th grader who lost his grandfather. As he completed a written evaluation about the child bereavement program, he verbally expressed gratitude in learning it was normal to feel deep sadness over the loss of a loved one. So now he felt okay with his experience of losing his beloved granddad. He also said that he knows he has the power inside himself to make himself feel better.

That felt like a home-run for me!

I believe that our true spiritual nature is joyful.

Yet don't we all know that it's quite challenging to feel this deep spiritual joy all the time ?

I also believe that part of being a compassionate human being is to allow yourself to feel what you feel without any self-judgment. This includes sadness. Being sad is not right or wrong - it's an experience all human beings feel. You get out of balance, however, when you believe you can do nothing to change this sadness.

Yet you can change your feelings by changing your thoughts. My student learned this as he went through the bereavement program. He was able to use his heart and mind to bring himself to a place of peace, even though he just lost his granddad.

How will this help him throughout his life? Immensely !

He gained wisdom in understanding that his own inner spirit can be a source of power in all challenging situations. He is aware of which thoughts "drag him down", so he understands he can choose different thoughts to support himself.

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