Three Ways Mystie
Helps Children Move Through Grief

Mystie is a mystical dragonfly that knows a lot about grief and has a special place in her heart to help children move through grief.

Grief is not something we get over, it's something we move through. Children move through grief very differently than adults. And Mystie can help.

Here are three points she would share:

Mystie is a great listener! Children need to feel supported as they express their feelings of grief. Mystie listens and understands children's grief since she, too, has experienced deep grief. She is non-judgmental and caring. To find out about how she understands grief, read the inspirational e-book Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly with your child.

Mystie reminds children of their greatest power: the Love inside them! As children connect to this changeless Love, they feel the inner security which assists them to move through the grieving process. After all, as their life has changed forever through the death of a pet or loved one, the one thing that hasn't changed is the Love inside them.

Mystie empowers children to think new positive thoughts that come from the changeless love inside them - for example, "I am brave." As children change their thinking about themselves and their lives, they are strengthened through the grieving process. All of our packages are specifically targeted to help children do this.

If you are a parent or teacher searching for help to move their children struggling with grief, Mystie offers an inspiritational and heart-warming story. It opens the door for adults to have those deeper conversations. You can read more about how Mystie helped Christina when her dog Emrys gets sick and dies through For The Love Of Emrys .


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