The Invincible Power of Love

In Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly, Mystie describes her journey to learn who she is, and how she fits into this thing called Life.

As Mystie tells her story about how she learned to "fly", she is quite surprised to hear from her elders that it's all about Love.

Here's what she says as a young dragonfly, or dragon-walk as she refers to herself, when she first hatches.

" There were eleven of us dragonflies that hatched at the same time, and we were all walking around. Actually, I can't really call us dragonflies, when we were on the ground. A better name for us would be dragon-walkers. So we dragon-walkers became a team and decided to work together to learn how to use Magic.

No Magic - No flying.

That was the ONE thing we all understood.

...Anyway, there I was with my other dragon-walk friends, thinking about what we all just heard. We REALLY wanted to start flying, so we thought and thought and thought some more. We went inside our hearts, trying to feel the answer. And guess what ? After all my dragon-walk friends and I did all that thinking and feeling, we all got the same answer.


We all said "no way", because at first it seemed too simple. ...We knew we had Love inside us, but we still didn't have our wings. What did we not understand ?

So we thought and thought some more. Inside me, I kept seeing the word "focus," and my good friend, Merly, kept hearing the word "expand", inside of him.

So we focused AND expanded the Love we felt for ourselves and all of Nilrem.

And guess what?........ "

You can guess what happens next, but Mystie's lesson is far from over. She eventually discovers how important her lesson really was when her dearest friend Darvy, the earth dragonfly, suddenly dies.

Truly the Power of Love saves her. Yet it wasn't Power like we normally think of it.

And it wasn't the Love from Darvy or any of her friends. It was the Love that came from within her.
The Invincible Power to BE Love !

Mystie would say that nothing is more powerful than living with that idea.

And I agree.

For more details, check out Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly :

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