Spiritual Wisdom Concerning Grief

As part of of our spiritual practices, we read from Science of Mind Magazine, each day. This month's daily writings were by Rev. Margaret Stortz.

Though not written specifically for grief, it shows true wisdom by highlighting that we have the power to invoke joy even in the worst of circumstances. At a minimum, we can acknowledge that Joy is always with us, even if Life's circumstances make it difficult to recognize or get in touch with.

After all, no one can take away the Joy you experienced with your loved one, not even Death.


In Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly, Mystie experiences extreme Joy as she shares life experiences with her new friend Darvy, the earth dragonfly. Her happiness of being with Darvy soon turns to grief as she experiences the loss of her beloved friend.


It's really the story of anyone who experiences grief, because like Mystie, we are all on a journey to learn how to adapt to the ups and downs of Life.

In Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly, Mystie finds it so difficult to hold any space for Joy, thaty she loses her ability to fly. Nothing - including life - seemed worth the effort any more. Sound familiar ?

Coming to the realization that this Earth experience doesn't last forever, Mystieis is able to "reframe" her experience, and in the process, make a little room for Joy.

It turns out a little room is all she needed.....



Use these blogs to open up a healing dialogue
with anyone experiencing grief.


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