Creative Movement:
A Kinesthetic Approach to Children's Grief

In the story Diary of A Mystical Dragonfly, Mystie tells children how her beautiful wings were "dragged down", when she was grieving over the death of her best friend, Darvy the Earth Dragonfly. She felt so sad and upset! She wasn’t able to fly anymore.

Here are some ideas for children to act out from this story, in order to express themselves through creative movement.

Children pretend to be Mystie and move their wings (their arms) in various positions when:

She is having fun with Darvy.

She is talking to her friend, Lark, the dolphin.

She first discovers that Darvy has died.

She is grieving a few days... weeks... months... after he died.
(children may actually crawl around the room)

She starts feeling a little better.

She feels mixed up.

She feels she can fly again.

She knows she can fly again.

She feels "dragged down".

She flies again.

Each of these flying "postures" help children express and process their emotions, through their own unique, creative movement. Even if you do not have the story, you can get an idea of how children can use creative movement to express their grief.


Another kinesthetic method is to use the bendable Mystie mobile.


             ( Order by clicking on either image)

Children can move the wings on the mobile to demonstrate how they feel.

This Mystie has four wings, and each wing can be manipulated to show a specific emotion. The advantage of using a bendable mobile is that children can change the shape of this Mystie to show how they feel on any given day.

It can also be used as a movable figure to go along with any of the stories and activities offered at Kids Grief Relief.


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