The Power of Positive Thought

I was working with students on creating positive affirmations about themselves, specifically in relating to moving through their grief. One of the students wrote:

 " I am not scared ".

So I took the opportunity to teach this student, and the others in the class, something very important about affirmations. When you want to affirm something about yourself, using the word "not", as in not scared, not afraid, not weak, something actually brings into mind the very thing you don't want to affirm about yourself.


Whatever word you use after the word "not" is what you are thinking, thus emphasizing it for yourself.


Since our thoughts are creative, you want to think and speak precisely about what you want to create in your life. So the student re-wrote the affirmation to say,

" I am brave ".   


I immediately saw how the re-written affirmation changed the way he felt. Others wrote, " I am strong. I am powerful ".


Reminding children about the power of their "I am" is especially important, when they are going through all the emotions of grief.

I am is a statement of their inner power.

This is not an attempt to deny how they FEEL ! I teach children to say I feel_____ when describing their grief emotions. (I feel scared...I feel sad...I feel mad). The I AM statement is an affirmation of their true nature.


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