Our Priceless Connection

I'm observing my 18 year old God-Niece trying to make the "right" decision for her future schooling. I believe she will ultimately make the best choice for herself, yet I wonder about the amount of stress she is feeling over making the "wrong" decision.

Then I thought about one of the ideas Mystie, the Magical Dragonfly, shares with children-

"Inside you is a guiding power to help you in all situations..."

So I guess Mystie knows that my God-Niece will make the "right" decision, as she focuses on her inner power of Love!

Unconditional love for yourself is probably something you need to work on every day. I certainly do. I am aware that, as I love myself without any judgment, I enjoy every activity as an expression of this Love moving through me to everything and everyone in my world. And the grieving process is a bit "gentler" when I feel loving toward myself.

When children go through any kind of loss, specifically the loss of a loved one, person or pet, the power to feel loving toward themselves is priceless. As a child becomes aware and connects to their inner nature, along with the help of concerned adults, they can begin their journey of self-empowerment.

So -

Can you really teach children the beauty of loving themselves? Yes, of course you can, and you can do it when they're experiencing grief.

> First, model it. Children instantly "read" you. So as you love yourself as you are and as you trust your instincts with an honest heart, you "teach" them to do the same.

> Next, remind children that what they're feeling during the grieving experience is not who they truly are. Children may feel angry, confused and very sad. All these emotions are valid. Yet, under all those emotions is their changeless nature of Love.

> Third, invite them to share their love with someone else who may be experiencing any kind of loss. When children help other children, it's always a win-win. They feel connected to their inner spirit, which is all-ways a joyful experience.

So, the next time I speak to my God-niece, I will probably remind her that her loving heart knows the right choice, and all she has to do is take the time to listen, and then trust.

Ah, the lessons of life.


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