Resiliency - A Lifetime Asset

If you could give your child an asset that would last a lifetime, what would it be ?

What about Emotional Awareness ???

I believe becoming aware of our emotions is a critical step in the grieving process. When we are aware, we can truly make a choice of how we want to experience each day. 

Here is one of my favorite activities which demonstrates this idea. I've shared this with middle school children in a volunteer child bereavement program.

> Each child receives a small box. They are told that the outside of the box represents his or her outer personality, which s/he shows to the world.

> Each child receives a hand-out listing all the different emotions. (Sadness-anger-joy-jealousy-confusion-happy-hopeless-tired-etc...there are duplicates of every emotion)

> Each student is asked to cut out the listed emotions they usually feel within themselves, and place them inside the box.

> Then each student is asked to cut out the emotions they outwardly share with their friends and classmates in their personality at school. They are to glue the pieces of paper to the outside of the box.

Naturally, this opens up a great discussion about how the students really feel during the grieving process versus how they show themselves to the people in their world.

Becoming aware of this gives them the opportunity to have compassion for themselves and for other grieving tweens, as they notice others in the group sharing the same idea. Often they speak of how their non-grieving peers really don't know what to say or do.

We then discuss when and if their emotions will change, both inside and outside, and ultimately, what they would ideally like to feel. I bring in the word "authentic", and we discuss what an authentic life might look like as well.

They come to realize it's OK to work through their grief in the privacy of their own thinking/feeling, even while moving through the normal activities of their daily lives.

Ultimately they come to know that they can choose how they want to think and feel each day. This forms a resiliency to support them through many of life's challenges. As they move forward in the face of this stressful situation, they discover an inner strength that can be called upon in any situation.


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