Sad is not Bad

You may know someone who, for the first time, is experiencing the holiday season without a special someone who has died. How can you help them with their profound sadness ?

By understanding how normal it is to be sad !

As a society, we seem to do anything to NOT feel sad. It's almost like we judge ourselves or others to be wrong for feeling anything less than "good"- it just cannot be "right" to be sad.

Yet, being sad is sometimes, the only "right" way to feel. Especially when someone you loved has died.

The thing to remember about sadness is that it does not define who you are. Sadness is an emotion (energy-in-motion), and like all emotions, it is temporary - meaning it can and will change. It is supposed to move through you.

But how ???

As the feelings of sadness are experienced, you are challenged to define yourself beyond what you are feeling - to the place of your own, secure self-identity. This is where the changeless power of Love emerges - in the form of self-love. This is the true meaning of "releasing the emotion".

When you are grounded in your own positive self-identity, you can feel sadness, and then allow it to move through you so you can experience peace and harmony again. When you know this for yourself, you can help others know this too ! In working with children, I help them discover ways to express their sadness.

Children learn that crying and taking time to be alone with their sad feelings is a positive experience for them to nurture themselves. They can draw pictures or use clay to express their sadness.

Yet, beyond these expressions of sadness, I teach them positive "I AM" affirmations, affirming they are more than their emotions. This wisdom is a great empowering belief that can support children in any situation. They affirm:

I am capable of doing what I want to do

I am smart.

I am happy as I play with my friends.

I am beautiful.

So this holiday season, as you remember you are more than your feelings - you are a being of changeless love - you can reside in that inner knowing as you guide others to know this truth for themselves as well !


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