The Greatest Strength of All

A young student was sharing what the past holiday season was like without a beloved member of the family, who had died a few months earlier.

She said the family was "strong", explaining they did their best not to be upset and sad. Sounds like it was a good plan,
or was it ?

Grief brings a variety of emotions. Acknowledging these emotions during the holidays may be painful, yet by avoiding pain, a profound experience is missed.

The reason we are grieving is because we love. Love has no beginning or ending. Realizing that love is present, even when a loved one has moved on, can be profoundly empowering.

We come to realize that love is not solely dependent on anyone or anything, meaning Love is an inside job.

Focusing on the love inside us, as first cause of our joyful experiences and relationships, gives us the strength to continue to love. This is the lesson Christina learns from Mystie, The Magical Dragonfly, in our book,
For The Love Of Emrys.

Below is an activity for children to get clear about their real strength. For more information about Mystie's lessons, visit Mystie's Principles.

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Use these blogs to open up a healing dialogue
with anyone experiencing grief.


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