Healing Themes

If you are looking for creative new ways to work with grieving children, here is a list of various themes, along with ways to develop them.

The ideas reference our book,

For the Love of Emrys,

yet these themes can easily be applied to the materials you are currently using.

The themes are :


Introducing the Word Grief

Looking at the Bright Side

Asking for Help

Choice of Burial

Creating Memorials

Mystie's Message

Dramatizing the Story

Choosing to Love Again


More details on these themes can be found at the end of the book For the Love of Emrys - second edition. We have included a section called Extending the Lessons, which focuses specifically on each of the above themes.


Use these blogs to open up a healing dialogue
with anyone experiencing grief.


( To download a pdf of the above blog, click here. )


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