This is the Year to Remember....

In my last blog I spoke about an activity I shared with bereaved children revolving around this idea: the one thing that hasn't changed in their lives, or will never change is what's inside them - LOVE. I believe this to be the greatest comfort and strength of all!

So in the six-week child bereavement program, I use the last few classes to emphasize children looking within themselves to connect with their inner spirit as they discover their unchanging power.

Each child creates their own set of "Inner Strength" cards which they can take home and look at whenever they choose to. These cards help to provide them the strength needed to move through their grieving experience. This is because no matter what culture or religion the child is familiar with, a child's own inner spirit will all-ways guide them to experience a greater wisdom through the essence of love. Whatever happens in their lives in the coming year, what they gain in inner knowledge will support and encourage them to continually grow.

When my mom was in her "declining years", she would always tell me, "I don't feel any different than when I was younger" - and that's a great revelation for all of us to consider !

Whether you're 7 years "old" or 97 years "young", you DO feel and enjoy the experiences of love since love is our true nature. As you love and feel good about yourself, you naturally make the best choices. Life works. So when a child feels love at any age, they tap into their true nature...priceless!

So going through grief is an opportune time for supporting children to get in touch with the power of their inner spirit. That's why I wrote Diary of A Mystical Dragonfly - to empower children of all ages, through all circumstances, especially grief. In this story Mystie cleverly tells about how remembering who she is (a mystical, magical dragonfly), in the midst of loosing the most important friend she ever had- helped her to "fly" again. Not an easy experience, though quite simple.

So to all of you who are reading this, may you "fly" throughout the upcoming year,

remembering your beautiful nature of love during all circumstances!


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