With Grief - Is Time On My Side ?

When we are grieving, time may feel like an enemy. Trying to make sense of how the death of a loved one fits in with our experiences of the past, present, and future can feel overwhelming.

Here is a powerful Activity supporting bereaved children with their experience of time. It has been successfully used with tweens and teens in our volunteer work.

Each student is asked to create a timeline from the instructions above. Then they are asked to share.

As students share their life experiences before the death of their loved one, and reflect upon some positive memories life has already given them, they realize that their life has good times. This sets the context, that even though they are full of grief, they can change their thoughts for a moment, and recall some really fun times in their lives. This also shows them their power in changing their emotions by changing their thoughts.

In a later Activity, students create a timeline into the future, where they are challenged to create a positive vision for themselves. Then they are asked to validate each other.


When the two timelines become one, there is the opportunity for students to recognize that even though the death of their loved one is a moment "etched in time", their lives are still being created. They eventually realize that all of life is an ongoing creation. They are "at the wheel" on a road where they occasionally encounter obstacles which challenge them.

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