The Power of New Thoughts During Grief

When we experience the loss of a loved one, a whole range of thoughts come as a reaction to that loss. Dealing with these thoughts can drive us deeper and deeper into grief.

Here is a powerful Activity supporting bereaved children with the thoughts they may have during grief. It has been successfully used with tweens and teens in our volunteer work.

We start by identifying those "dragged - down" thoughts that come during the grieving process:

Each student is asked to choose which of the statements are true for them, or to create their own statements. Then they are asked to write them down on strips of paper, and then share them with the group.

Now for the fun part. As a symbolic act of CHOICE - each student is asked to tear up their "trash thoughts" and dispose of them in a trash can. Of course, this is more than symbolic as it represents the act of releasing disempowering thoughts from their thinking.

Then it is time to replace the trash thoughts with empowering affirmations. Students are given examples, and it is important that they truly identify with a statement. Finally they are asked to validate each other.



To anchor these affirmations, students can try repeating them to themselves in a mirror until they are convinced the affirmation is true for them.

This is a very powerful "journey" from trash thoughts to affirmations ! The principle that changinging your thoughts can change your experience is a core concept of grief support.

This also shows students they have the power to change their emotions at any time by changing their thoughts - someting that will be useful thoughout their life !

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