What's Changed ?

Bereaved children benefit from dialoging with a compassionate adult. Here's an activity that can open up a powerful dialogue between you and bereaved children, concerning one of the most challenging aspects of losing a loved one, change.

The purpose of this activity is to help children compare and reflect upon what is different, since they lost their loved one, and what still remains the same. Grieving children can gain a sense of stability, as they become aware of some continuity that still remains in their lives.

In the first part of the activity, children share outer circumstances that have changed. For example, children might share that someone new is driving them to school, or, perhaps the daily meal at grandma's doesn't happen anymore. Naturally, children, who lost a loved one in the home have much more to share about what has changed.

In sharing about what hasn't changed, children are often surprised at how long this list can be ! School, daily chores, hobbies, and sport events are still a part of most children's lives.

At the bottom of this activity, Mystie reminds the child of his or her inner life of Love. Love was present before the death of their loved one, and is present now. No matter what happens in life, the awareness of Love's Presence within is a great source of personal power.

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