Kids' Grief Relief !

Use these blogs to open up a healing dialogue
with anyone experiencing grief.




The Power of
New Thoughts

...When we experience the loss of a loved one, a whole range of thoughts come as a reaction to that loss....

...This is a very powerful "journey" from trash thoughts to affirmations !..





Spiritual Wisdom
Concerning Grief shows true wisdom by highlighting that we have the power to invoke joy even in the worst of circumstances....

...Mystie is able to "reframe" her experience, and in the process make a little room for Joy. It turns out a little room is all she needed..





Supporting Others in
Difficult Times there anything children can do to help other children
experiencing difficult times or tragedy,....

...Here's an activity where children can be compassionate
to grieving kids that they don't know or have any contact with....





Resource Awareness

...Children's Grief Awareness Day was created
to bring attention to the fact that
support can often make all the difference
in the life of a grieving child.....

...But once you are aware of this, what can you do ?.......





With Grief,
Is Time On My Side ?

...When we are grieving, time may feel like an enemy. .....

...there is the opportunity for students to recognize that even though the death of their loved one is a moment "etched in time", their lives are still being created.......





Angry Bereaved Children

...Validation of children's grief emotions, specifically anger, are a vital part of grief support. .....

...Remember - Love is changeless; everything else, including the emotion of anger, is temporary......





Healing Begins by
Offering to Listen

...So I was shocked when I realized that people wanted to avoid me, because I was "not acting the same" ! .....

...because it was simply her act of offering that made all the difference for me. I felt better knowing that someone understood what I needed.....





What's Changed

...Grieving children can gain a sense of stability as they become aware of some continuity that still remains in their lives.....

No matter what happens in life, the awareness of
Love's Presence within is a great source of personal power....





Mystie's Valentines Day Message

Here's an activity you can share with any grieving child
this Valentine's Day.

Mystie lets them know there is never a time you can't Love
the ones who have died.





Putting Your " I AM " First

...Here's an activity to support bereaved children
in affirming their inner strengths....





The Evolution
of Child Bereavement

Accessing Spiritual Strength in Children:

The Power of Changeless Love ....






A Kinesthetic Approach
to Children's Grief

The advantage of using a bendable mobile is that children can change the shape of this Mystie to show how they feel on any given day. ....






Healing Themes

If you are looking for creative ways to work with grieving children, here's a list of various themes, along with ways to develop them....




The Greatest Strength of All

A young student was sharing what the past holiday season was like without a beloved family member...
... the family was "strong", ...they did their best not to be upset and sad.
Sounds like a good plan - or was it ?




A Fresh Start

Here's something you can use with grieving children
to start the New Year....




Finding Relief in Love

Children will have many feelings and concerns about what has happened in Newtown on Friday, December 14th....

... Feeling sadness about what happened reminds us of how we are connected to each other through the love in our hearts.....




  A Special Place

......Are you missing a loved one who has died ?...
There will always be a special place inside your heart
for your loved one ! .....



  Giving Thanks

......Thanksgiving can be a challenging time...
...use Thanksgiving to acknowledge our
gratitude for our most precious treasure:
the ones we love ! .....



  Power of Positive Thought

...... creating positive self-images, specifically in...
moving through their grief.
One of the students wrote:
" I am not scared " .....



  Self-Worth During Grief

...using the idea of what their deceased loved one
really liked about them helps them in two ways: .....



  Feedback is a Gift

We ultimately come to the realization that this
Earth experience doesn't last forever,
and as we become aware of this - how do we live? .....



  Sharing is Caring

Making new friends is not always an easy task,
especially if they have had a recent death
in their family or .....



  Back-to-School Time

Children who haven't seen friends all summer will
joyfully come together again. Yet, what if your child
finds out there was a death (pet or relative)
in a friends' life ?....



  Grief is Grief

...Since we had been working on processing her
grief about her father, she became aware that
she was also still grieving over the loss of her pets.....



  The Invincible Power of Love

...Truly the Power of Love saves her. Yet it wasn't Power
like we normally think of it... It was the Love
that came from within her.....



  Resiliency - A Lifetime Asset

If you could give your child an asset that would last
a lifetime, what would it be ?....



  Our Priceless Connection of the ideas Mystie, the Magical Dragonfly
shares with children :
" Inside you is a guiding power
to help you in all situations "....



  Lead with Love

...When working with bereaved children, I know
that who I am being with them is the
foundational ingredient to what happens....



  This is the Year to Remember

...the one thing that hasn't changed in their lives,
or will never change is what's inside them -




In the Midst of Change

... I will ask them to become aware of something
inside them that hasn't changed,
and will never change - their Love ! .....



  Sad Is Not Bad

... Sadness is an emotion (energy-in-motion),
and like all emotions, it is temporary -
meaning it can and will change.....



  Nov. 17 is Children's Grief
Awareness Day

In honoring the idea of this day, I am sharing
with you the inspiration behind my book -
For the Love of Emrys. .....



  Words of Compassion

...As we open to listen to our grieving friends
and relatives, we help them heal... What words
of compassion will support them? .....



  The Compassionate Heart

... chances are they will know someone who is grieving.
How can you help your child demonstrate
compassion for their friend ? .....



  Children Can Grow from
the Grieving Experience

... Yet you can change your feelings by changing
your thoughts. My student learned this as he
went through the bereavement program. .....



  Student Bereavement Program

... This program consists of a group of volunteers
who work with students from K-12 on a
six week basis, one class per week. .....



  You Can Help Children with Grief

... you can change a "negative" experience
into a more positive one by choosing
new thoughts and feelings....



  Helping Children Deal with Death

... Besides a deep sadness, your children may have
feelings of shock, confusion, fear, anger and worry.
Remember - all of these emotions are valid!....



  Children need DIALOGUE
to move through Grief

... Sharing an appropriate story with a child
who is grieving children is a great tool to
open up a healing dialogue.....



  Three Ways To Turn Bad Grief
Into Good Grief

... Is there anything good
that can come from the greiving process ?.....


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Barbara Ann and Pete Simone
Talk About Moving Through Grief



  Is there Love after 9/11?

... a lot of what we experience will be determined
by how we have processed our grief about the incident
during the last 10 years......



  Three Ways Mystie Helps Children Move Through Grief

... Grief is not something we get over,
it's something we move through.......




Five Ways Love Helps Kids
Cope with Grief

... Love - the very reason for Grief -
is also the Solution....



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