Donating to Kids' Grief Relief pays for the
creation, printing, and distribution of child bereavement materials.
Kids' Grief Relief gets these materials to grieving children worldwide,
and those who work with them.

KIDS' GRIEF RELIEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit


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"A truly sweet story with a powerful message. To remember love, to know it is the changeless in the midst of change. This is a gift to all, young and old. Thank you Barbara Ann for sharing your wisdom."

By T. Niemiec (CSL Children's Curriculum Chair, Washington State)


"The story of Emrys is a journey of the heart. Opening in friendship and expanding through the journey of grief and learning to love again. The connection between Emrys and Christina is relatable and joy-filled for experience of life. This story is a must have for every heart – adult and child."

By P.Mercado (CSL Youth Director, Southern California)


"Very few books handle children's grief in an intelligent manner. Barbara Ann Simone does a wonderful job of creating a magical world where children can feel their feelings and exercise their imagination to help themselves when their emotions are difficult. For The Love Of Emrys will definitely give parents and teachers a way to talk to their children about death and grief. And, this book is a delightful read for both children and adults. The illustrations are beautiful and cheering. I can see any child pouring over every page of this book and telling Mystie their feelings. I give this book my highest recommendation!"

By Rev Dr. K. Kushner (CSL Vice-President, New Jersey)


"Cute book that opens the discussion on hard to verbalize feelings about death. I love the message that ones heart can open up allowing others to be loved by the grieving child."


By Julie Rupena-Reynolds MS LPC (Family / Child Therapist, Glendale, Wisconsin)


"For The Love Of Emrys is absolutely beautiful, touching, and a great tool to help explain the grieving process to young children. The bright, colorful illustrations by Pecorino really make this story come to life. Any family dealing with loss should pick up this book."

By Aja Wells (Illustrator - Northern California)


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Friends of Caroline Hospice
Beaufort County School District -
Child Bereavement Program
Centers for Spiritual Living
Julie Rupena-Reynolds MS LPC -
Family and Child Therapist





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