Meet " Mystie ", the Mystical, Magical Dragonfly !


Hi. I'm Mystie, otherwise known as Mystic A. Dragonfly, a magical Dragonfly !

I use the Power of Loving Magic to fly everywhere !
My Magic flows from my heart and mind, when I focus on Love.


I am a special friend to Earth, and have come to help anyone
through the grieving process. I will gently ask you,

" What's dragon' you down ? "

so you can tell me all about your grief.

I promise to listen with compassion and share my Loving Magic with you.

I can't take away your grief,
but I can sure help you find ways to move through it !




Check out the Mystie Mobile !

Now you can own something that reminds you of Me !

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Look for me in my magical adventures:


Diary of a Mystical Dragonfly !  (a.k.a For the Love of Darvy )
- How it all began ! Learn about my home planet
Nilrem, and what happens once I decide to come to visit Earth.

I meet some special friends: Lark - the dolphin,
and Darvy - an Earth Dragonfly.


For The Love of Emrys – A book for young children. If you've ever loved
and lost a pet or a best friend, this book is for YOU !

Find out how I use my magic to help a young girl move through her grief
after the death of her favorite pet dog.






For The Love of Mr. Max – A book for ages 8 - 14.

Learn how Jake's anger over the death of his favorite cat causes problems
for him and his entire family !

Find out how I use my magic to support Jake and his family
to get through each situation.




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