Customized Grief Support


Our certified grief counselor is available to work with you over the phone,
for single or multiple grief support sessions.


In addition, our certified grief counselor and curriculum team would be happy
to customize age and content specific programs for your special situation.

Just contact us by email or phone to discuss timing, content, and pricing:

Contact Us Email Us !     ( or call at 843-838-9809 )


Below is a description of our Standard Programs for Grief Support

Each Standard Program consists of :


  Facilitator's Guide   Activity Book   Storybook   Accessories
  Detailed description of each activity.

Program Guidelines outlining sucessful usage
of the Activities.

  Easy to use Activities tailored for different grade levels.

Activities can be used individually or with a group.

  Supports the overall message as well as multiple specific Activities.   Integrated into many of the Activities.

Especially good for kinesthetic learning and communication.


Each Complete Program

Only $45    (plus shipping)
  ( $60 combined value )    

Complete Set - All Four Programs

Only $150    (plus shipping)
  ( K-2, 3-5, Tweens, Teens )    


For the price of the three softcover books -

get the following free in each program:


Activity E-Book with PDFs of all Activities

Mystie Mobile for Kinesthetic Activities

6 Tealights for Ending Celebration Session

6 Game Pieces for the "Roll-A-Memory" Activity

1 die for the "Roll-A-Memory" Activity

Lots of Love !

Program Syllabus

( samples circled below )


Grades K - 2 Activities



Grades 3 - 5 Activities



Middle School Activities



Teen Activities




Extra Accessories
(plus shipping)

Mystie Mobile
Six Tea-Lights
One Die
Six Game Markers

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