Mystie's Scientific and Spiritual Principles



Principle #1

Our thoughts greatly determine our experience.
As we become aware of our thoughts of grief, and accept them as a
normal part of life, we are able to change our grieving thoughts
to more empowering thoughts to support ourselves.


Mystie gently guides children to become aware of their thoughts as they grieve,
so they can choose to change them. Being able to choose empowering thoughts,
in the midst of any life challenge, is a foundational tool to personal fulfillment and success.

  Principle #2

We are spiritual beings living a human experience.
Thus, we are aware that we are more than our emotions.
Emotions are understood as ‘Energy-in-motion’.
There are many emotions associated with grief.
As we accept each emotion and learn how to release it,
we discover that our true nature is all-ways and always LOVE.

Mystie gently reminds children of their true nature of Love. She helps children understand
the different emotions associated with grief, suggesting ways of releasing them She teaches
the idea of emotions being energy-in-motion so children can come to discover
that under all their emotions is the great Power of Love!

  Principle #3

We are all connected to one another.
As we treat each other with compassion and understanding,
we all create a greater expression of life.

Mystie encourages children to be compassionate with other children and adults
who may be experiencing any kind of Grief.





Mystie teaches children that the changeless power of Love within them
is their greatest asset to move through grief and loss.


  These Principles are discussed in detail in various topics of our Blog Page !




  Books that support Mystie's Principles  
  The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton  
  How God changes Your Brain - Andrew Newberg  
  Power vs Force - David Hawkins  
  The Other Side of Sadness - George Bonanno  
  Positive Self-Talk for Children - Douglas Bloch  
  Parenting With Spirit - Jane Bartlett  




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